About Us

A Big Mini Concept – Emerged from Dubai

Walkers Stop

Creating A Retail Experience Beyond The Ordinary.

We’re not just about convenience; we’re about redefining it, with a sprinkle of innovation and a generous dash of accessibility. Walkers Stop was born in Dubai’s vibrant heart with an aim to revolutionize mini-marts. We adapt to the world around us, crafting customized solutions to reach every corner, whether it’s a bustling campus, a quiet community, or a trendy shopping complex.
Take the next step on your global shopping journey with our handpicked selection of products, from everyday essentials to exotic delights. Quality knows no boundaries, and accessibility is our goal. Our mission is more than just selling products. Your satisfaction is our heartbeat, the soul of our experience. We weave every interaction into an extraordinary journey, one that transcends the ordinary.

Convenience Redefined.

Our mission at Walkers Stop isn’t an average convenience store. We’re a dynamic mini-mart concept that adapts to a variety of environments and crafts tailored solutions. Walkers Stop commitment to providing quality products from around the world at affordable prices resonates with our soul because your satisfaction fuels our business. 

Experience convenience like never before as you take part in a unique accessibility adventure.

Mr. Ashraf Palliyil

CEO, Walkers Stop

The Backbone

Walkers Stop Draws Its Strength From A Foundation Of Experience And A Spirit Of Innovation. Walkers Stop Draws Its Strength From A Foundation Of Experience And A Spirit Of Innovation.

Established in 1999 in Dubai, the Al-Shams Groupserves as thebackbone of Walkers Stop. Evolving from a small trading company, Leveraging its extensive experience in retail, catering, and restaurant concepts, the Al-Shams Group laid the groundwork for Walkers Stop success.The infusion of a new generation’s perspective and potential has propelled Walkers Stop growth, ensuring customer satisfaction & convenience remains at the forefront.

The Future Plan

The Story Of Walkers Stop Is Not A Static Tale, But A Dynamic Narrative That Unfolds With Each Passing Day.

The journey of Walkers Stop is an evolving narrative. As we continue to redefine convenience and quality, our future plan is to expand our reach and offerings. Stay tuned as we embark on new horizons,
bringing innovative concepts and unparalleled convenience to more
communities and locations.